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Thavar 8X2 proves worth buying

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So I just picked up the Thavar 8X2 from the Diesel store in S.F. and I must say I am pretty impressed with the overall fit and wash. As a matter of fact it might be the best new fit of the season. It's funny because I wore the Thavars to work this morning and one of my co-workers actually mistook them for Diors at first sight. I'm super stoked cause it fells like Diesel hasn't put out a jean of this quality since the Thanaz 71B or 73J. Even if you're not into the skinny or tapered fit I'd strongly recommend checking these out and just maybe we might be seeing the much needed turnaround at Diesel!    

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Can you post pics + fitted pics?


Would love to see em :D

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Pic posted and quite honestly the pic don't even do the jeans justice. If you're interested in them I'd call a local Diesel store soon as they only had 14 pairs left at the S.F. flagship location

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They look great yeah, I don't know to get which one, 8x2 or black gold http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL_BLACK_GOLD/detail/tskay/6E44D168/cod10/36211454XP/agerange/Adult/mm/11660


They look almost the same,

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While they look alike on the web in person they are very different. I've been extremely hesitant to buy any black gold since its first release because contrary to the price point most of the denim is typically non-italian made (made in china) and the fitting is relatively inconsistent from jean to jean.  

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Pretty cool, I'm not diggin the mud splatter though. The fit is spot on, however :D

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I'm thinking about getting a pair... I think I like Thanaz pockets better, but these are still some sick jeans.

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Yeah they have a ton of Thanaz-similar detail to them as well. They even have the diagonal stitched denim behind the back belt loop. I'm assuming this is the updated Thanaz since most U.S. stores won't see more than one wash of the Thanaz for this season (Lame IMO). Like I said before, best fit/wash combo since 73J. And PS I wasn't too fond of the mud splatter at first but it has quickly grown on me :)

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yeah thats true as i said thavar fits almost maybe better than thanaz...and 8x2 is the best wash which has come out in in the las 1,5 years.

ps i know that i said that ill post pics of my thavar 8x2 in 29/34 but i had no time.

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How about the sizing? I wear my thanaz in W30 or 31 depending on the stretch factor and usually L34 for stacking.

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i wear thanaz in w30 but had to go for w29 in thavar and have no problems in wearin them

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I too had to size up 2 sizes but they stretched a bit more than expected even though they are a heavy guage denim. I'd suggest sizing up at least one size from your standard Thanaz sizing.

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Extremely nice jeans! I wear size 28 Thanaz what size should I get these? Also anyone know if they sell these in Diesel Montreal?

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I have to size up and fits awesome!!... i think thavar is a little more skinny than thanaz. I wear size 29 in thanaz (28 in "stretch" thanaz) and 30 in Thavar ;)

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Same here, I find them abit more skinny but also more straight cut. Love them though! Hopefully they make more washes in this fit.... 

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size up one size, heavy stiff denim...

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Originally Posted by driftking7777 View Post

Extremely nice jeans! I wear size 28 Thanaz what size should I get these? Also anyone know if they sell these in Diesel Montreal?

yes I got them yesterday in montreal. you'll need them in a 29. I wear 29 thanaz and needed a 30. They are tight.

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Got a pair on thursday!

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I have a feeling these are going to sellout FAST!

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Can anyone post more pics? I'm not quite sold yet. Fit or standalone would be really nice! There are only a few on google :(

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I'll post some fit pics tomorrow when I wear them but honestly, I felt the same as you until I tried them. They're awesome in person!!

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Anyone know if this wash will be released in any other cuts? it's easily the best this season. wish it was available in viker wallbash_red.gif

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the wash comes this season only for Thavar and Koolter, but


i think Winter for Safado and an other straight cut

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man, id love this wash in a viker, if i dont wear skinny, im wondering if i could make the transition, this wash is awesome.


anyone out there like me, a straight leg guy, find that a thavar has worked for them? And if so are there any tricks to it? Sizing up maybe>



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