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Where should I begin?

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Okay so I have been very interested in getting a pair of Raw Denim jeans for a while now but never got them.


My normal jean size at like American Eagle or similar places is 30x30



I want to know what you reccomend to start out with my first pair of raw denim?  What brand, where to buy etc?
I do not want to get extremely expensive ones for my first pair.  I want to see how much I like them first than make a decision for more expensive ones

Any help is appreciated.



Thank you in advance for your help


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By the way I live in the Philadelphia area so if there are stores that sell them let me know


What would you reccomend for Nudie Jeans.  I want something a little bit form fitting but they dont need to be skinny fit.


I want to get a pair less than $200.00


Thanks for the help

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Nudie this is a good choice, see also A.P.C

if you have an PayPal account or credit card, you'll find many on-line stores in which they are available, you can also check here http://www.denimblog.com/c/forum/list/2

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Hey thanks for the response.  So I am looking for a pair of Nudie Jeans any reccomendations of websites to buy from?  The thing I am worried about is finding a pair that fits or if I buy online and it doesnt fit that i can return it to get another size.


Let me know if you have any suggestions

Thanks for the help,


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If you're interested in the Nudie jeans my recommendation would be to find a local retailer that sells them (Boutique or big box i.e. Bloomy's, Neiman Marcus, Barney's) and try the different fits and washes until you find a pair you love. Once you know the fit and size you want I'd suggest shopping www.cultizm.com as they typically have a great price point for all their Nudie jeans. If you are looking for a relatively fitted but not skinny Nudie's fit I'd stick to Grim Tim or Slim Jim. Personally, I love the Nudie's dry Thin Finns. Hope this helps and trust me Cultizm is a great website to work with as I have done a ton of business with them.

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my first pair of dry/selvage denim was a nudie regular ralf dry selvage.


i loved that pair. still have em. 3 years of wear and they look awesome.


as many others will recommend, apc is a good choice too. new standards and nudies can be had for around $160. though apc is just about to raise their prices.


nudie has a very nice selection of styles, configurations, and fits, and are typically more widely available than the higher end japanese brands.

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