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nudie where to buy

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Where can I buy nudie jeans in the US. Other brands like Diesel and 7FAM, Joes have there stores in US, does Nudie jeans also have one? Where will I get the maximum variety of nudie in store as I always prefer to try on my jeans before buying them...?

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Need more info.  Men's or women's Nudies and there in the US?

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I usually bought Nudies online. they are cheaper there. the downside is you can't try on. 


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I bought Nudies jeans always online @ http://www.vifjeans.nl/nudie-jeans.html

Usually the fit of the Nudie jeans are the same, always good :)

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First time i hear about this Nudies jean do you describe it more ??

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Nordstrom seems to have Nudie jeans most of the time, I have even seen them at Nordstrom Rack. I normally get them there or I order them from the Nudie site. I live not far from the actual Nudie Jean House so I should try picking them up there!

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I've also seen them at Saks, the Saks outlet (Off Saks), and Barney's.
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Can you buy thin finn dry stretch anywhere in a 30 leg? with a 30/31/32 waist. Can't find them anywhere



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