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Launch of new DenimBlog Classifieds to replace buy/sell section!

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Some great news for 2011. We will be starting off the new year with a completely new marketplace called DenimBlog Classifieds!


We will launch the new classified system on Wednesday January 19th.  All new posts will then go into this new classified system.  The old listings will remain visible during a transition period of about 45-60 days .


Some of the new features include:






Photos and prices will appear next to each item





Fresh & clear Lay-out






Uniform header at the beginning of every listing

And much more:

- Ability to add a wanted add to a specific forum
- Ability for the users to mark their items as sold
- Ability to filter the list of classifieds on different criteria (For Trade, For Sale, Wanted)
- Ability to sort the classifieds in order of creation, order of update, price
- Integrated feedback system

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
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653.gif I like!

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DB rocks!

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I'm really digging the layout! :) yay!


One question--will we need to post every item individually, though? I'm just asking because I know I have a crap ton of items in each size category, and I've seen some people bump 20+ threads at once (taking up nearly a whole page by themselves)--I don't want to do that intentionally, because it's annoying, though I admit it sometimes happens when I have a lot of new items in a given size category (I just post once, never bumping the actual thread, but putting their links into size-grouped Superthreads, which get bumped in lieu of the 30 individual size 23-26 pairs or whatnot).


It would be awesome to have a Superthread option of some sort, especially for buyers who don't know what size to buy in an individual brand/style/wash--I do all that work for them and determine size by measurements alone.

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I like this a lot!

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Ok the new classifieds system is now launched!  Please post all items to the new section.


We will be phasing out the old buy/sell section soon.

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looking good.

as a new member my sell thread is still awaiting moderation (yea i know, i don't like such newbies like me either but i think this forum is a great chance to interact with denim lovers worldwide).

just wondering if my thread will be listed to the new classfieds section? would be really dope as i dont necessarily want to get started in the phasing out section.


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^ Please repost your sales thread in the new classifieds section, you submitted it right before it was launched so it was still approved in the old mall. Thanks!

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Do we have to repost all of our old listings from the buy/sell section to the classified section or will it automatically get moved to the classified section?  Thanks!

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I believe we need to repost them. It's actually pretty quick, except that the size 27-29 subforum won't let us post threads within it :(

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Ok try now.  We have added the button to the Womens size 27-29 subforum



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