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The Pheyo Cut

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Is this or is this not the worst cut ever produced by Diesel, its just UGLY. I mean whats with the back belt thing, lets discuss

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while i would never wear jeans w/ the belt attached in the back... i can see why they're doing this. a lot of desingers are doing it now. if u look at the Zara website they have a lot of similiar styles.

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These are almost identical to Backlers, to me these look really euro style I see the little buckle on some jeans from time to time other than diesel. I wouldnt pay for them

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the actual cut is too loose for me, but i think the back synch is a cool touch for a couple reasons. Its functional with a purpose, and probably come in use more than the tiny 5th pocket. Also for someone like me, who doesent wear belts if pants fit, it would allow me to maintain a perfect fit without needing a belt if i drop or add weight. And let me tell you, this summer I went from a 34 to a 31 and like an idiot, purchased all my fav washes and cuts in each size and in btwn. so i have 34, 33, 32 and 31 zatinys in the same wash simply bc i hate belts. And you know how hard it is to find a tailor that takes jeans in at the waist.


surely they coulda made it less rodeo looking, but i would love some synches on the sides of the waist like on certain dress pants, on denim

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