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Hi guys


This is probably a pretty weird request, but Im trying to figure out the brand of a particular pair of jeans. Was out today buzzing round town doing abit of Christmas shopping, and noticed this particular pair of jeans on a guy who walked past. Yes, I could have gone up and asked him who they were by, but I guess alot of guys would think that a tad odd. Unfortunately, the guy had a bag, so couldn't see a tag - and I've only really just started moving into more designer jeans, after going through the traditional surfbrand phase. 

The only thing I can go by, is the pocket stitching.


The best way of describing the stitching on the back pocket, is two *arc* lines, as if drawn by a compass  in maths class - these two arcs intercepting each other.

Unfortunately, that's all i've got. The jeans itself sort of took on a beigey leather look, similar to some of the nudie styles I guess.


A really crud description of the stitching I know, but does anyone have any ideas?

any help much appreciated.

cheers guys.