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What is the actual color of Zatiny 74F ? (pics)

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I think I like these jeans. But I'm not sure yet what color they are.


Some pictures make them look very, very light and washed out whereas others they look rather dark. Has anybody seen em up close and personal?


Here are some examples.. I'm hoping they are darker.


Zappos (dark): http://www.zappos.com/product/7764312/color/281260 


ProBusNYC (light): http://www.probusnyc.com/product_p/diesel%20zatiny%2074f.htm 


UniversalGear (dark): http://www.universalgear.com/store/ZATINY-74F!DSL/Diesel+Zatiny+74F+Micro+Boot+Jean 


 Diesel Online (light): http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL/detail/cod10/36211439SG 




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I saw them in the Diesel Store the other day. They were dark... but maybe the wash varies.

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i am actually planning on getting this cut/wash next. i saw them in person and the pic on the diesel online store is very inaccurate. i even told the sales person there. i dont like the jeans on diesel online store pic but in person they are darker, but not dark. the one on zappos is darker then they actually are. think of in between that wash and the one on the diesel online store. made in italy too *thumbs up*

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i just purchased them fro the diesel site yesterday, expect to get em by friday, will let u know. But ur right the wash is all over the place, if u go on asos.com they look even darker. So i dont know what to expect.

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actually after looking at all the links i think the one on ProBusNYC  is the most accurate. really like this wash a lot. am curious about the folds/wrinkles at the knee. i wonder if they'll stay that way or fade after a week or so?

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I got ZATINY 74F two days ago from diesel online store. Unfortunately i ordered it before i met this topic. pics from zappos is 95% accurate. However i like it.





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i just got them today, they look more like the probus site for sure. On these sites they look more faded, but in reality its a dirtier wash, much more orange in color. And theres a hole in each leg and some other deconstruction i didnt notice in the pics, too much for me- returning them.

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IMG_3542.JPG My ZATINY 74F From diesel online store

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those are beautiful vanasha!

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wish they'd get rid of that 'slice' abrasion on the right leg but i'm loving them nonetheless.

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they look cool.are they lightweight or heavierweight denim?if u could let me know the denim ounce that would be great.

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IMG_3722.JPG My Zatiny is very soft and thin.

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i want a pair.now.if there supposed to be based on the classic 796 wash then are they as good,better or not as good?

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i am curious for those who have had these for a while.  do the folds on the knee fade after a few wears? or are they kind of baked in?

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has anyone here ever bought something from nordstrom?are they reliable?

i want to get something shipped to australia.They look pretty reliable.

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Yes, nordstrom is good.

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I also bought one at http://www.zappos.com, the locor is Okay, and I found it is too big for me.

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