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Anyone know anything about "Inflict" or "Infliction" wash?

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I got these Kurts a few weeks ago, already had them hemmed to my length (about 32").  I wore them yesterday.  The tag says 98% cotton 2% spandex.  However, I do not find any stretch to this garment.  I purchased these at RueLaLa, I have a feeling they are Straight to Discount.  I do not like them because they lack stretch.  They feel more like my boyfriends non-stretch jeans.  Does anyone know anything about this wash? 


Here is an Ebay link that shows pictures of them.




Thanks for helping.

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Yeah they are STD. I found that every one of the Rock & Republics that were at Rue La La were STD-for the most part anyway-there may have been one or two that I missed, but every single pair that I clicked on was STD. They are very misleading because they say things like retail $220 when they know good and darn well that those things retail for $109-139 price range. I'm sorry you got hosed on these. I'm not sure how many pairs you have of R&R or if this is your first but dont let this bad experience turn you off. They have jeans that are a lot better than these STD washes. Let me know if you want some good washes. My wife has a ton of beautiful, stretchy, form fitting, butt emphasizing pairs. Then again she has had some that were quite the opposite, too.

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Thanks Itsinmyjeans, I think I will stay away from RueLaLa from now on.  Besides misleading me with these jeans (although I suspected they were S2D), they have shipped the wrong item twice and once lost an item I returned to them.  I'm coming to realize that a lot of their merchandise is S2D, as is the merchandise at Loehmanns who owns RueLaLa.


So I am still stuck with these uncomfortable jeans (I'm out around $100), I will try to get something from them from a consignment store.

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Who cares if jeans are straight to discount?  For the stretch thing, Ruelala says the denim content usually and it's not like regular jeans have stretch and S2D ones don't.  Ruelala does kind of suck service wise, but that pair of jeans is not going to be any worse quality than a $300 pair.  Just saying...

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Well with rock & republic the STD jeans are (for the most part) not made in America. So I would assume the quality control may not be what it is here. I think they are made in guatamala now. Also Rock & Republic is best known for its edgy washes not its denim quality(anyone own floyd ocycontins that doesnt have a rip in the crotch?). The STD line of RR has very boring washes. As far as the denim is concerned I don't know if its the same denim used on regular line or not.

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Here is my experience with S2D:

Rock & Republic -- described above.  The workmanship (made in USA) is excellent in this pair but the wash is gross.  I think it was mislabeled as having 2% spandex (also in the RueLaLa description) but it clearly does not have any stretch at all, fabric feels like Wranglers jeans.

7FAM -- the stitching on the back pocket squiggle design is not as tight as w/ regular 7's.  Also, the fabric and wash was quite inferior.  The pair were made in Mexico; workmanship was good.  I returned them because I did not like the wash.

J Brand -- Just got a pair.  They are called J Brand "Blue Label."  The fabric & wash are really nice. Workmanship is very good.  Made in the US.  Got them for around $50.  Trying to decide if I should keep them because they're a little tight (lots of Xmas chocolate and cookies!)


Generally I prefer the regular, non S2D jeans but my strategy is to wait for sales.  I have a lot of 7's which I have purchased at the 7 store in San Francisco.  They have an annual anniversary sale when everything in the whole store is marked down 40% for a few days.  That's when I will buy 4 or 5 pairs.  Likewise, I have found TR's on sale on the internet.  You have to be quite patient and feel ok if something you really want does not become available at the price you are willing to pay.  I used to shop on Ebay but it's been a while.  So this is my jeans shopping strategy!

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2 % spandex is very, very little, not enough to make any jeans truly stretchy.

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its enough to give them stretch at the waist(so I can fit into a smaller size)

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This is all I can tell ya.653.gif


in·flic·tion  (ibreve.gifn-flibreve.gifkprime.gifshschwa.gifn)

1. The act or process of imposing or meting out something unpleasant.
2. Something, such as punishment, that is inflicted.
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LOL Anthony...


Update on Infliction Wash R&R Jeans:

Yes, these jeans were "imposing or meting out something unpleasant" on me, that was their fit.  I sold them to a consignment store and got a few dollars back for my hardship.  Win some, lose some!

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