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Men's TR fitting questions

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Hello All,


A little while ago I became interested in TR, over here in Europe, they are not cheap, so I thought i'd wait for my next U.S. trip which will happen very shortly.


Now, I am 6.4 so fairly tall, Normally I wear a 36 inseam, which is border line, some brands I fit a 34, some I do not at all.


The question I have is, how does TR fit? I am a bit worried I will only be able to fit an MVP, which I do not like at all, too baggy..... I hope I am wrong in that respect.


Do TR's have a 34 inseam as a standard, how do they fit lenght wise?


Hope to hear from some of you!





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My recommendation would be to go with the Rock & Republic SV-18 if you need a very long inseam. They come in a 38" inseam. Most Rock & Republics run between a 34 and 36 inseam normally anyways. So maybe if the True Religion is too short you can go that route. I actually think rock & republic look better anyways. People have differing opinions though.

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Many TR pairs have a 34" inseam... 36" is not so common though.

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yeah you're right . Its funny though because almost all of my wife's Rock & Republics come in 35.5" or 36". It seems like the womens jeans generally come in longer inseam than men. I wonder why that is.


[EDIT]  sorry I thought you were refering to rock and republic...I guess im gonna have to edit this a little.


also, OP, are you familiar with Rock & Republic? Is it popular where you are from?

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^I'm guessing R&Rs for girls run longer because girls like to wear heels ;)


You guys are right though, I don't think I've ever come across men's TRs that run that long. Occasionally I'll bump into a pair of men's 7FAMs that have a 35-36 inseam, but even that's uncommon. Guys just (usually) have shorter legs compared to their overall height than girls do. (My bf and I are around the same inseam, I'm 5'6 and he's 5'10, and I have extremely short legs for a girl of my height)

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yeah tell me about it. My wife is 5'11 and i'm 5'9 so she cant do without the designer denim inseams. The lowest she can go is a 34 and thats pushing it. I can go down to a 31 without being too bad off.

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Thanks for the replies guys, so I guess I will just go to the TR store, and an outlet just to check out of they have anything good, and see if they have any 34" inseam.


Are there any particular models that have the 34" or just random try them on? I am very very interested in the Super T's ! e.g. the Billy brown wheat in Short fuse medium, and the one in Cyclone, and also love the Storm Rider.

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Somewhat unrelated question--what's your waist size? I may have found another pair (not TR) with an inseam you can live with...

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:-) Thanks Shopaholism!


When I measure my waist it is about 37 1/2 inches, in most Jeans though I wear a 34 and that was before I lost weight.... 34 is a little roomy sometimes now, but I know most jeans makers change the sizes to make them more flattering (smaller) right?


Thanks for your help!

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Yeah its called Vanity sizing. Almost all designer jeans do it. In my experience with True Religion I have to size down 1 or even 2 sizes! It depends on the fit. If its Super T's or Big T's I size down 2. If its regular i'll go down one. but you never know. Also Rock & Republic I can size down 2 on the jeans that are 70/30 or 98/2. I size down one if its 100% cotton. then again a lot of time I can go True to size. If you have a particular pair you're interested in then post the brand, style, and wash and someone here will more than likely be able to help you with how it fits.

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hmmm...it seemed to me that TR was the only brand (out of those I sell, anyway) that vanity sized almost all the time. Sometimes I'll get Diesels that run big, but not that often. I think it's mostly a TR thing.

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Well as far as doing on on every pair TR is the only one I can think of besides William Rast. William Rast does vanity sizing on every pair, too. Its funny because I am a 31 in most non designer anything. Then in a designer denim I am a 30 or if i want a tight fit I am a 29. But with TR and WR I can fit comfortable into a 28.


[edit] why is it that a mens 30 and womens 30 is so different? I tried on a pair of jeans that were in the mens section at Jean Therapy(a boutique) and they fit beautifully everwhere except at the waist. They were way too big. what is the tag sized based off of and why is the same size different for men and women?

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^because women have hips and don't have...other things ;)


We also don't wear jeans at our natural waist, so jeans are supposed to be sized based on our hips...though, apparently, in theory, someone who wears a size 29 should have a 29" natural waist. (Total BS though. My natural waist is 25/26 but I wear 29s. Sir Mixalot would be proud)

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To Continue my thread a bit, I will be going on my U.S.A. trip soon, I will stop by the TR Outlet store in Wrentham, MA. What can I expect at an outlet? Anything good? Will I be able to get a good deal on some Big T's? If not, I will be going to the Boston TR Store. What are the prices compared to the Online TR Store??


Hope to hear from some of you!


Thanks for all your help!




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Buy them as tight as you can. Every pair I have owned has stretched out at least a whole size.

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