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Soak or wash

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Probably a much debated topic from what I have read, I just bought a pair of Naked and Famous and they say there will be some shrinking when you first wash them.  I am inclined to wash them now and get the shrinking over with so I can start the raw denim journey.  The guy at the store said he soaked his before he wore them.  I was thinking of putting it in the washing machine but it may be too harsh and take out too much colour.  What does everyone think? 

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^ Just rinse em in cold water & hang dry. & U'll be fine!

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I just today got a new pair of N&F Slimguys in broken twill. I'm just going to wear them for at least 6 months before i do anything

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Unsanforized denim should be soaked BEFORE you wear them. For me I soak it with hot water for 4-6 hours.

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best to wear them for 6 months w/o washing .. although you can soak them in cold water if you want just don't put em in a washing machine that will definitely ruin uour raw denim journey.. hand wash and hang dry is the way to go. 

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unsanforized denim should be soaked/washed b4 worn.... if you soak after 6 months of wear, your jeans gonna shrink, your fades gonna be all in the wrong places...

that 6 month w/o washing is nasty... if its starting to get a little funky... wash or soak it... the jeans not gonna explode because you didnt wear it for 6 months straight... oh noes!!!!!!! my fadessss!!!!! -_-''

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