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Hello.  I've been checking out DenimBlog for a while, but this is my first time posting.


I'm a fan of wearing denim that is shiny, whether it is quite shiny or just subtly shiny.  So, I have a few pairs of coated denim jeans by Seven for all Mankind and Guess.  The 7FAM jeans I have are the Smokestack Gray and the Blackstar washes, and the Guess jeans I have are the Lincoln coated jeans, one pair in gunmetal and one pair in brown.  I also have a pair of Joe's Kohen wash jeans that, based on the marketing description, are not coated, but they nevertheless look coated, enough so that a friend of mine asked if they were leather pants.  And I also have a pair of Rock and Republic Neil Threat jeans that look shinier than any of these others.  Before any of these, my first pair of jeans I bought that were (or seemed to be) coated was a pair of shiny dark blue Old Navy jeans I bought for about $15, which I still like (except that they are baggier than I'd like).  However, it seems that when people talk about waxed denim, coated denim, or anything else along those lines, the discussions are just about Nudie, Dior Homme, and never about the brands I have (which are more common in general).  I'm just wondering...


1) What is the difference in how the Guess and 7FAM jeans I have are coated and how, say, Dior Homme jeans are coated?


2) How should one treat coated jeans like the ones I have so that they at least stay the same over time?


Hopefully someone who at least has some knowledge of the sort of jeans I'm talking about can enlighten me.