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Legit Websites?

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i found a website selling true religion jeans at a very low price. I have doubts that they sell authentic jeans but i just wanted to make sure. The originals are about $200+ and they say they are selling it at $78.99. The pictures seem pretty legit and they state that their products are all 100% authentic.



If u guys could lemme knowthat would be great thanks! =)

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fake, do not buy.

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Originally Posted by marc View Post

fake, do not buy.

Yeah I went there and did the online chat with them. They gave me this 100% authentic crap. They said they have a 30 day money back guarantee. Then they told me they ship from china. So the item wouldnt even get to you until the 30 days was about up anyways. Then I went to their about us section. They said one of the reason to buy from them is because they are 100% foreign owned and operated. Just shady characters. Plus their jeans are crap.

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