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We all know the Jerome Dahan was the founder/co-founder of Seven jeans. I think we also know that he's gone off to a better place & created his own brand of jeans, Citizens of Humanity.

Now, I was just wondering what you all think of the old Sevens (if you have a pair) compared to the new Sevens. I just bought a pair of A-pockets (stretch) & they don't measure up to any of my old Sevens. Even though they're stretch, they still feel snug. (I'm not sure if it's because of the cut of the jean or if I gained a little weight .) However, I have Citizens & they're awesome!!! Now I'm assuming that Jerome Dahan was the mastermind behind all of this. Maybe this will be my last pair of Sevens. (Well ... other than the Dojos that are arriving in the mail any day now!)

Okay, I'm talking too much. It's my first post because I just joined this forum, only because I definitely have a love for jeans ... as well as purses.

Hope to chit-chat with you all soon!
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Hey Super,

Welcome to the forum.
Interesting thought, I dont have the old sevens, and personally I'm not a huge fan of sevens overall, though I'm a definate minority there. I have a couple of pairs but I seriously think there over rated. I think we are just too much woman for these jeans, that really the problem. Some women wear the jeans and others let the jeans wear them. OMG... That means we're too bloody gorgeous for sevens. What ever will we do?????
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You're not the only one who doesn't like Sevens. One thing I hate seeing is when a "larger than life" lady wears 'em & they don't flatter her AT ALL. Sevens flatter my figure, which is why I love them so much. (As well as comfort, fit, wash .... need I say more?)

I can understand what you're trying to say though. Sevens aren't for everyone & yes, they are definitely overrated. Sometimes I think they have a reason to "be" that way, but when you see people wearing them & they're either too loose or too tight ... then there's a problem! I have many other favourites. (Citizens, PD&C & Rock & Republics.)

What brand of jeans do you wear?
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Well I wear a four usually, I don't have a favorite brand, I like to be comfortable in my clothes and I am In a size 29 in sevens, But I don't like how they fit, The 28 looks way better but they are a little snug on the hips which doesn't make for a confortable wear. I don't want my jeans to be like sized like shoes. OMG that would be a disaster. I'm not a huge brand lover overall. I just wear what fits me well. I like to shop surprisingly enuf haha, so I have no problem trying 20 pairs of jeans on. I like yanuk, they fit well and are true to size. I'll check out citizens soon and we can compare notes. Daves buying the cocktails.
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