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Diesel Krooley 8M2

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Hello Everyone,

I just received the Diesel Krooley 73N and 8M2 which I ordered online direct from Diesel.  I really like the Krooley fit, but the washes are so different.  I wanted to let everyone know what I thought and see if others have the same opinion.


73N - Looks great, but not so comfortable because they're so stiff.  I imagine they will wear in though.


8M2 - Soft and comfortable, but absolutely hideous!  The pair I got don't look anything like the picture in the online Diesel store.  If I would have bought these on eBay I would have thought they were fake.  They look more like a pair of Lee jeans from the late 90s (not in a cool retro way either).  And the single-stitch back pocket design doesn't help things.  I can't wait to send these back.  Anyone else seen the 8M2?  What do you think?  Did I just get a dud pair?

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8M2 is a good wash, but yeah, there is a bit of inconsistency.  

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