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diesel tepphar

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is Thepphar new cut slimmer than Thanaz (or Thavar) ? has somebody tried them ? is tepphar 8yo TTS or must we size down since they contain elasthan ? thx

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I have been told Tepphar had a tapered lower leg seam. is that true ?

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the leg openeing is smaller than thanaz however the back pockets being larger and the thighs have more room IMO...

ive been wearing my raw tepphars for just over a month and my thanaz still feel slimmer except for the fact that the leg opening is so small that they are hard to take off.

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 thanks, are they TTS ? I wish to buy the 8YO online, a blend of cotton and elasthane i use to size down with such material.

if i do not misunderstand your last post, they fit more like a carrot with more room in the thigh than thanaz but skinnier in the leg ?

a kind of shioner but skinnier ?

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Ya it's a carrot fit I don't know how that wash runs though I have the 8y9s
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What is the 8y9 like? I was thinking about going for them but the whole "Turbo raw in a month" put me off. 



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Tepphar 8Y9










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Sorry, I know what they look like, I was asking about the quality to denim compared to a say Nudie or Dior. 



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yes tepphar is a slim-carrot fit that has smaller leg opening than thanaz but looser on the thigh..

i have viker r box 8y0 which is have to wear it size down maybe it's the same with tepphar..

for denim quality, there's not much different between dior and diesel..  

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Originally Posted by Snow View Post

, there's not much different between dior and diesel..  

this is basically true but Dior still has much higher quality denim than Diesel. For instance you cant stretch out a pair of 98/2 comp denim from dior without snapping right back in to place. The diesel 98/2 comps i owned all stretched out and stayed that way when they were off, Some washes for diesel have good denim but dior has better overall denim. 

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