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Hey guys,


I hope you don't mind, but I've registered to this forum to plea for some help! 


A few years ago, I bought an emergency pair of jeans (I was going out after work and had no change of clothes). I bought them from TK Maxx in Manchester city centre. They turned out to be the most comfortable pair I've ever owned in my life. 


The brand is Melka and the type is branded as a "Comfort Stretch"


Unfortunately, some extreme bowling meant I ripped the buggers and they've never recovered since. 


My problem now is I cannot find them anywhere! I've been on their website and emailed almost every address on there. Not one reply. 


Does anyone own a pair of these - if so where did you get them?

If not, can you recommend me a similar pair of jeans (basically stretchy jeans for the chunky guy - I'm 38-40in)