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thanaz and other new diesel skinny, slim jeans

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once things were easy : you wanted a slim jean and thanaz was the best and only deal. that was one year ago and before...

but now there's so much new "skinny" cuts released that it's difficult to make the good choice : SHIONER, TEPPHAR, THAVAR, POIAK...

some are listed as carrot slim on diesel online store, others are "skinny"... and they are sometimes skinnier than the thanaz which in some washes could pass rather for a "slim straight" rather than a real skinny jean. I also noticed that the most recent thanaz washes were less skinny than the old washes.

I love the thanaz so much that i hope it won't be discontinued...because it is not too skinny and not too straight. and i wonder how other new slim jeans fit compared to it, will the Thavar cut to replace the thanaz, the name is almost similar...

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why should diesel be so retarded to change the thanaz to thavar?

thanaz is an classic cut from diesel so why should the change the name?

if diesel would phase out the thanaz cut i will make a formal protest to phase out viker and safado shit cuts just to be fair ;D


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Actually There's more Viker washes then any other cut and Safado is the prefect in between cut

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Thavar is set to replace Thanaz.  The fit is almost Identical though.  I tried on a pair of Thavars the other day on my break.  TBH the Shioner fit's a lot better on most guys than the Thanaz.

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would you say that shioner is more carrot shaped than Thanaz (larger at the thigh and slimer at the calf) ; that thavar = thanaz the difference are back pocket only, but what about tepphar ???

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No.  The Shoiner is really slim in the thighs.  I haven't gotten a chance to investigate the Tepphar yet, but I'm on my way to work now, so I'll let you know when I get home.

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They will not discontinue Thanaz. It's the same runour as was few years ago with Zathan (with Zatiny)...

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they better not.

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well, Zathan is gone now- you never know..

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Tepphar is a carrot fit, like the krooley.  Very tight at the ankles though in comparison.  We have it in the Turbo Denim wash.  RAW DENIM

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Zathan is once again returning, there will be two washes purchased in the US this season. It's like a zombie, it will never die, if people continue wanting it, Diesel will never officially KILL the cut, there's no point. 

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yeah but are they ugly washes like 8C2? haha

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Diesel has killed some classics like Slammer, now we have poiak but i still miss slammer 

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Can anyone help me? I saw thavar 8x2 and i really like it. But im a little afraid of buying it because i never try this model.

Im from another country so is almost impossible to go to a store to try it. So, is this thavar smaller than thanaz? or is this jeans like darron (slim, but for me is skinny)?

I usually use 30/31 for almost all diesel jeans.

Which size i should buy?

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hi i have bought the thavar 8b9 online at diesel store, i confirm they fit like thanazs, the only difference are rear pockets.

by the way, i wonder why they changed the name : may be to give some fresh and new appearance to a already old but so loved cut...

many brands change the name but the product remains the same, but it looks like "new".

BTW new washes thavar 8x2, thanaz 9v9, thanaz 8v8 are already sold out online or at asos, at least for smaller waist and inseam...

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i disagree that safado is inbetween,viker is a straight,safado is just slightly slimmer,more like a farco type to me,diesel lacks a inbetween cut from thanaz and safado,which imo is slammer,but only when it comes to leg opening,otherwise its totally different because of back pockets and front pockets shape..diesel lacks the normal thanaz slim cut but with a slightly bigger leg opening at around 7.6inches making it 19cm on point.safados have 20 cm..

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