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There are 2 versions! https://www.boavistaonline.nl/diesel-thavar-008x2.html


and some pics found on internet.




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thats kind of unfortunate considering if you have to order them you probably wont know what you are getting. im wondering if it the darker wash from Italy and the lighter wash is from tunisia or vice versa or if they are all mixed who the hell knows. thats kinda shitty 

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I also noticed that Thavar 8x2 is like the pic above and not like that from online store.

But both are made in Italy.

Just other lab I guess.

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diesel should get an option on the online store that u can choose your lab what u want....i mean its a huge diffrent if i get the 8x2 lighter or darker.......

however yesterdy i was in the mall and at peek n cloppenburg they had thavar 8x2 (light version) and  in the gil store the also got thavar 8x2 (light version) both got the version which is shown in the online store from diesel.

peek n cloppenburg also got the new black thanaz which reminds me of the 8sv wash.

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Originally Posted by Dieselicious View Post

Anyone know if Shioner 8X6 will be available in the U.S.?

Yes!  We put them out a couple weeks ago.  They're selling super fast though, 5th Ave is down to like 12 pairs, I had to go to Union Square to get my pair.

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Thank you for the info esoriano. Will be contacting the pasadena store for a pair right away.

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the more i look at thavar 8x2 the more i want to get it...........

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does anybody have any DECENT pics of Thanaz 74K yet

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not what i was expecting.... shame

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Originally Posted by baltimore View Post


 dude is awesome..where u get this photos?thsnka

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today i bought thavar 8x2 in 29/34 the darker version of the wash.....and i must say that it fits almost like thanaz =) i will post pics if someone want to see them

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Found them on some thai forum..

Yes please post some pictures of 8x2. Did you get them from diesel shop?
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Originally Posted by 118i View Post

today i bought thavar 8x2 in 29/34 the darker version of the wash.....and i must say that it fits almost like thanaz =) i will post pics if someone want to see them

Please ;-)

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i bought it in an austrian store named "GIL" which had both pairs of 8x2 the lighter wash and the darker wash which was hard to get because they only had the darker version in 29/34 and 32/34. btw peek and cloppenburg also had the 8x2 wash on koolter or larkee dont know which cut it was but the wash looked very different compared to the thavar 8x2 washes.


will post pics in the next 24 hours =)


last but not least i phoned with another store in austria called "District 1" and the shop manager told me that they will get the thanaz 74k before x-mas =)

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Hi guys. Has anyone seen/worn the Darron 8D4 wash? Or rather, any jeans with the 8D4 wash (ie Shioner). How is it?

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I have Viker in 8D4 and they are so soft and stretchy.

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Krooley 8NJ



Thavar 8W6



Thanaz 74K



Larkee-T 8PR



Narrot 8MZ



Thavar 8NE



Darron 8X8



Viker-R Box 8MY



Shioner 8NL



Iakop 8PQ



Bhetto 8ND



Tepphar 8PK



Poiak 8V1, Thavar 8X2, Tepphar 8Y0, Krooley 8X1


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thanaz 74k looks pretty dark compared to the first pic which was released...........well i think that thavar 8x2 is the best wash this season

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i agree. i think thavar 8x2  is the best wash too. but dont like that sort of cut on myself.  so far the only one i think i'll be getting this season is zatiny 74f. considering viker 8y0 but havent seen them in person and dont think they're worth $300



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Ugh still waiting for Thanaz 8V8 to show up on ASOS. Want that wash so freakin bad!

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^ wheenie where did you find the pics ? are there more from SS11?

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no! only this one, but i think diesel.com released more in a few weeks



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like the Thaver 8X2, too i bougth it on Asos but this cut is to slim for me i send it back..... i hope this wash comes AW2012 for Safado, want this wash


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Do you wear Thanaz or you just tried Thavar as skinny cut (I'm only curious if Thavar runs skinnier than Thanaz). Thx!

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