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Recommend me some jeans

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I'm looking to refresh my 10+ year old jeans wardrobe and am looking for some suggestions!  I'm a guy, 6'2 / 187 pounds, early 30's and in reasonable shape.  I have long legs and no butt icon_sad.gif  I'm after recommendations for jeans that would fit my shape, are quite thin denim, have a timeless style and a bit of stretchy/spandex/lycra material thrown in (1-3%).  I'm hoping not to spend big bucks - probably up to about $130.


I have bought a pair of locally branded jeans (I'm in Australia) called St&ard (Standard Jeans Co) straight cut and like how they do not make my butt area look like some sort of void! icon_wink.gif  I've also tried on some of the skinny jeans from Cheap Mondays, Nudie and like the fit around my thighs/butt but don't like how they hug my calf muscles and make it look like I'm wearing clown shoes.  I'm also not so sure how long the skinny look will hang around or whether they'll be in the discount bins soon.


Anyway, I'm open to suggestions.  I might be able to stretch the budget a little.

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I didn't get any replies, so I ended up ordering a pair of James Jeans straight fit.

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