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need some help!

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Anyone know were I can get a pair of jeans or pants that are similar to these?







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Yeah I'm not spending $1600 on a pair of pants. I can't believe I can't find anything simliar. I looked all over the internet and a few malls. 

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Hi Gpoop


why did u post this pic to this thread(DIESEL) ?



u have some curious to balmain's cut?




or to Zac?



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I like those pants so curious about Balmain!

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u like design around the knee of Balmain!?


i'm not so familiar w/t Balmain's jeans , but sometimes i watch hes jeans like bellow pic on Y! Japan auction.

and i'm not sure, why some guys pay much money to those jeans...






or more simple's one?





which design does u like of Balmain's jeans ?

your posting Zac's wearing jeans?






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I only like the Khaki one Zac is wearing. 

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