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The Juicy bag you posted previously is authentic. I thought your question was valid, since the item was being shipped from China. I liked how you had reason to question the item, and did some research, unlike just about everyone else who makes their first post. I emailed the seller, and he affirmed everything.. item is made in USA, dropshipped from China, etc. I started a new thread because Dave loves to lock old threads before the topic is even done with. Just incase you were still interested in buying.
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I also emailed the seller and haven't gotten a response. I asked for more inside pictures of the bag, including tags.

Thanks for your help. I will let you know the results if I purchase the bag.
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Would it be a problem for you to forward the email to me?
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So after searching every internet site that is listed on the juicy website and not finding this purse.

I emailed a buyer for www.shopbop.com and she said this:

I have never seen a juicy bag like this and I have seen every collection in
the past few years.

So with that I think this purchase is too risky to follow through with.

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