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Darron 8sv vs Darron 88z?

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I need some help very urgent.


I use a 29 in waist in 88z and i don't know what size i should go for in 8sv.


How do those fit in comparison as the 8sv is stetch? Does that mean they fit slimmer?




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go with the same size.

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Do you own both? Because i have a friend who owns both 88z and 8xn_stretch. They both measure the same in the waist but the 8xn_stretch is a size bigger, so i figured since 8sv is also stretch i have to buy a size bigger?

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I wear a size 32 in almost every Diesel I own. I have many Darrons (8sm, 8sv-sold, 88z, 8ih, 8b9, ...) all except the 88z fit great. the 88z is a size 33, so I had to take them to the tailor to make them slimmer in legs. He also slimmed the crotch and they now fit me well too. If I could I would buy the 88z for a small price in size 32.


that's all I can tell you. Stretch doesn't mean that the jeans doesn't give a bit. my thanaz 8dk stretched out a ton. btw, I've sold my 8sv to buy the 8b9. was a very good deal. both are made in Romania but the 8b9 is a better wash, much better.

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Okay thanks that helped a lot.


But i decided to cop the 30 before i saw this post so i hope it turns out anyway.


I'll update when i recieve them.

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it will fit you too.


post an update when you get the jeans

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I got the jeans today. They were too big and i agreed with the seller to get a size smaller.


One question: I don't think the wash very good on them as i've seen on other pics and they were also made in Romania.

So are all Darron 8sv's made in Romania or are there some with a better wash made in Italy. I am completely sure they weren't fake.


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