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OMG frankie b so low

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how do you guys wear frankie b jeans!?!? i love them and they are way cute but they are crazy low. i just bought a pair from a girl that lives in my sorority. im 5'6 and shes about the same and she said she never wears them anymore so she sold them for cheap. they are really cute and have the hearts for the back pockets. but they are SO low OMG. in the front is pretty low, but the back is ridic. my butt crack shows just standing up. if i wear vs low rise panties they stick out in the front and back. so i either have to roll them down or what ive been doing is wearing small thongs that i push down or nothing. she says they were low on her but not that bad. i reaaaallllllly like them and they do look good on me. but wow i have to be careful when i sit down. do you guys know about im talking about? any suggestions. i dont want to get rid of them!!!

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Yeah, Frankie B Jeans are pretty darn low, specially the older styles like the heart pockets. I love really low rise jeans, but I definitely have to be careful sitting down when wearing Frankies. Have you tried longer shirts or layers? I wouldn't personally recommend a belt because I don't like that look, but maybe that would work for you?

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