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What color is Thanaz 72C?

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So I was in the market for some lighter blue thanaz, and I came across 72C which looks pretty nice, but I just can't tell what color it actually is?


A lot of the photos look pretty different, so I'm not sure what to expect from 72C.





^ are those accurate depictions of the thanaz 72C? I really like those pairs, especially the first one.


But then there are other photos like:



which look considerably different, and a little too "dirty" for my taste.

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depends on exact pair you will get and on lab. but I would say they are "dirty".

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are these pictures taken by you?

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Whoa, some of those look pretty different. Thanks for the pic & info. I think I like the 72C wash a lot icon_smile.gif

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yep, I like them also very much. I didn't find it in size 32x24 yet... :-/

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These look a different colour in almost every picture I've seen, not just on here, I prefer the light faded colour over the dark dingy one, but I just know they'll end up being the colour I don't like if I were to purchase them. 

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For anyone who has seen both 71j and 72c, I'm also curious if the washes are similar?

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^ no

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Body work as in distressing?  If you have access to a Drimol Tool and a Grinding wheel that's what they use to fray the bottoms and around the pockets.  They use sand paper for whiskering.  If you want to add holes, use a razor blade to slash a horizontal slit and pull the warp fibers out by hand.  Soak it in coffee, tea, red wine etc to dye the stain the white weft fibers a dirty color.  Just be careful not to go too far.  I've definitely ruined a pair of jeans by going overboard.

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