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There have been a lot of the M75 jeans floating around on ebay and 6pm that are being offered up for 40 bux clearance down from 195-220 dollars. I was curious so I picked up a pair from 6pm

(Larry Zip in size 31)

figured i could just return it or keep it as it is so cheap it wasnt a big risk.


Turns out, the jeans (to my sensible standards) are pretty rock on great bargains.


The denim is pretty heavyweight (perhaps 12 oz or more) has a good Diesel-like heft to it, and the feel and make of it is pretty decent. Not cheap feeling at all, and I can believe they retailed for 200 or so (of course not worth it imo, but i can believe they were once sold for that price). The best part is the fit. they are pretty slim for its sizing and the thigh and top block flows really nicely. the back yoke is low and the front rise as well and it is a great fit. Distressing is nothing like some mall brand jeans it is pretty subtle so it works too.


I picked up a couple of more just because they are so dam cheap and would keep them for beaters so just letting you all know.