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Levi's Fit

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I was thinking of purchasing some levi's on their online store and i was just wondering how the sizes run. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with Levi's jeans, do they run true to size? Or are they like diesels and run about 2 or more sizes up from the actual size?


I wear 29-30 in Diesel and 30 in nudies. Any information would be great icon_smile.gif

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Having tried many jeans, I have always found Levis to fit me best...but that's just me.

I suggest going on line and taking the Levis Curve ID quiz. You'll need to enter some personal size info and take some measurements of yourself, then trust them to tell you which jeans are for you.

I took the test, purchased the "slight curve" jeans and they fit perfectly!

I am tall (34" inseam) and a size 10. I also prefer a low rise (7").

Levis options are superb.

I have always had luck with most Levis fit.

I hope this helps!!!

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