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Sevens on Revolveclothing.com

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Hi everyone, I'm about to buy my first pair of designer jeans (7 for all mankind) on revolveclothing.com and was wondering if anyone had experience with this website. Do they sell authentic designer jeans? 

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Yes, but you'll be paying way too much for them. Better to use ebay or the buy/sell section here icon_smile.gif

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If they are a full price newer model you should look for coupons.  Right now they are matching the 30% off full price items at Tobi with code MEETTOBI.  Just place your order and send an email after stating you want them to adjust the order matching the Tobi code.

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^Or you could just buy from our members icon_smile.gif

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I ordered a pair of AGs on sale there, they are legit and deliver fast.  You can get less expensive jeans but revolve has great customer service.  I will try buying jeans from members here in the future, but I will definitely miss the free shipping!

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