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Wrangler Jean Problems

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Hi, Ive been wearing wrangler jeans for a while now, I started wearing 38x36s, but they started to sag in the back portion after a single washing.  So I assumed the jeans were just too big, so I bought a pair of 36x36s thinking I had solved the problem by buying a smaller size, however, these started to sag in the back portion as well and I have to hike them to my hips in order for them to not sag.  I dont really know what to do, I would try to wear 34x36 but Im sure they would just sag as well, so how do I prevent my jeans from sagging in the back?  I wear 936 slimfit, prewashed...Would you suggest I buy a smaller size? or are wranglers meant to be worn around the hips and not the waist?

Thanks for the help

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Maybe it is a lack of ass that is causing the sagging situation?

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I dont think thats the issue, I weigh like 200, so Im sure I have one hahah

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try suspenders !

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i think pictures are required. never heard of anyone going from 38 to 34 so easily unless 38 was just way to big to begin with. but you're wearing a slim fit and are 200 lbs, and have long enough legs for 36L. Unless you have considerable stacking that puts you at at least 6'2 or above...


Somethings not adding up if your 6'2+ and 200 lbs theres no way you should be in a 38w i'm 6'1 195-200 depending on the day and I wear a 31 or 32 W 


so fit pics are the only way i think this problem can be solved

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First of all, Wrangler has changed ALL of their jean products to include "OVER THE BOOT".  There are no more standard, straight leg cowboy cut, or slim fit.  My old Wrangler "Classic" jeans are actually more of a slim cowboy fit opposed to what Wrangler is producing now.  I contacted Wrangler, no response other than an exchange.  Tried the Boot Barn, C.A.L. Ranch and they don't have an answer.  My recent purchase of Cowboy Cut Slim Fit left me with a pair of jean with "stovepipe" legs.  Are of the pictures on line showing the old style are wrong!!....Won't won't them in any store that I am aware of.  The Wrangler "Classic Fit" has leg opening of 8" (16"), where measurement of new style is 17-1/2" -18-1/2".....Great for those that where boots....I don't.

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