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question on slimmys

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i went to nordstroms the other day and tried on a pair of slimmys 29 waist

i read online that the leg opening is 15" but the ones i tried on were definitly around 12-13"


i was just wondering if anyone knew if all the slimmys in 29 were also around there because they seem to fit me best

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I would say the opening would be very close in measurements for all smaller sizes (28-30).  12" is REALLY small, It was probably between 14"-15".


I have a pair of 28 slimmys in stock that have an opening of 15".  Even though washes run different in size I would say if you are really interested in Slimmy you are going to have to be OK with an opening of 14"-15"  


Do you remember the wash you tried on?

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