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Help a complete fashion loser

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I don't have any designer jeans right now. I never really thought much about the world outside of the potato sack department store brands, because frankly I am a total troglodyte. But once a friend loaned me some upscale jeans when I needed an extra change of clothes, and I remember they fit crazy well and felt and looked wayyy better than the usual crud I wear. It kinda opened my eyes to how good jeans could actually be. But I never followed up.


Now I'm interested in getting some serious jeans. However I've been dressing like a slob for years and I have no idea what brands are what. I have no notion of brands, cuts, fits, materials, anything really. If you can suggest a good place to begin I would really appreciate " class="bbcode_smiley" height="" src="http://files.denimblog.com/smilies//icon_smile.gif" title="icon_smile.gif" width="" /> I would like to stay under $200 at least until I know more.


Any suggestions on brands I should check out? I'm male, about 5'9" / 160 lbs. have skinny legs and knobby knees but occasionally get compliments on my ass.


Where do I start?


Thanks all!!!!

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Diesel has the best fits IMO since they have everything ranging from skinny (Thanaz) to bootcut (Zathan) to relaxed (Kurrat) to even overalls or whatever other weird crap people can think of adding to their wardrobe.  The denim is generally better quality than the other most popular designer brands (the other top selling designer brands would be 7s, rock and republic, and true religion) and the washes are much better with generally less obnoxious pockets.  Diesel's nicer looking washes tend to cost quite a bit more, but that's kind of the same for any designer brand.

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I'd suggest hitting up a few stores and just going to fit stuff on. Fit on lots and lots of different cuts and sizes, take notes (yes literally). Do that several times and you'll start to get some ideas.


look at fit pictures to see what a "good fit" means.


I suggest you start with something that fits well but isn't expensive. Like I mean go for Levi's or GAP (raws) or something. Start there, learn to love jeans and the fits you like and how to size to account for stretch. Figure out if you're into raw/selvedge or not. Then go spend the $150-200 on "designer" jeans.

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I personally LOVE the look of Seven For All Mankind (7FAM) on dudes.  I would recommend trying some.  I find them much softer and nicer than Diesel, but I am not the biggest fan of Diesel to be honest, even though I have 10+ pairs.  I think I am just 'over' them!

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7 for all mankind looks great on guys. They have a variety of fits and styles, and usually you can find good deals on them in stores and online. Personally I love the way my guy looks in R&R. They are more pricey, but totally worth it. When you buy the cheap stuff, they don't last as long. My $200+ jeans have lasted me YEARS and still fit and look great.


I'd love to know what your style is. I personally think that the bootcut style (flared a tiny bit at the bottom): http://shop.rockandrepublic.com/Floyd_in_Enlisted_Blue/pd/np/115/p/3147.html looks amazing on men. A lot of men prefer relaxed fit: http://shop.rockandrepublic.com/SV18_in_LA_Style_Blue/pd/np/115/p/3071.html, but they are looser and don't really give off that polished look.


I would go to your local Macy's or Bloomingdales and try on some jeans so you know your size and then check out sites like this one, or the sample sale type sites like:






They always are having excellent sales on jeans. You could buy a pair for $100 or less. And if you have to start somewhere, start with a dark denim jean (see the bootcut link I posted). Good luck!

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there are lots of brands you could choose from.. check it out online or whenever you go to malls

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How about the Diesel? With the good quality and fashion style, also the not expensive price.... I think you could look more fashion magazine, you counld find the best for yourself...

Also search more online, you will find what you want!



Juicy Couture outlet

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