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Please authenticate!!!

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I bought these at Nordstrom Rack but I've never seen the logo's on the back before.  I trust Nordstrom rack and eveyrthing looks alright but i wanted to make sure.  Please let me know if they're real.  let me know if you want to see other pics as wellIMG_0132.JPGIMG_0133.JPGIMG_0134.JPGIMG_0135.JPGIMG_0136.JPGIMG_0137.JPGIMG_0139.JPG

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they look ok to me.  nothing glaringly off.

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have you ever seen that logo before on the back?


i cant seem to see that logo anywhere else in any stores including the R and R store

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Those are real and a straight to discount pair made for store likes NR, Off 5th, etc.


Those logos have been on both straight to discount lines and the regular line.

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how do you know this specific ones were straight to discount places?

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Many times you can tell by the wash quality look. Also many pairs are made outside of the US and usually states it on an interior tag.


Also, just like you couldn't find these on the R&R website or any other major online retail store is because they don't get these pairs.   


I would say at least 80% of premium denim outlets and discount stores carry are S2D.  I mean, that's who the manufacturer is making them for.

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For reference those are called the Riddell R

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