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I recently put out a post wanting these house of harlow shoes. I then received a message from this "seller" stating that they are selling what I am looking for. Previously I have browsed and been on hf a lot, and I have bought numerous items off and such and never had any doubt that I'd run across anyone who is trying to scam me. Right after payment went through, the seller had messaged me stating that someone had accessed their account (hacked) and that I should file a dispute against him/her or to claim it as an unauthorized transaction. The seller then told me their account will be frozen for two weeks, and that I should take any measures to try to get a refund. At this point, I was unsure if the seller was trying to "scam" me, or if was really a coincidence. Hence, I decided to give the seller two weeks, and up to this point the seller had mentioned they will give me a refund. Two weeks passed and I had contacted the seller, and no reply was given. It has been over 3 weeks now, with no replies to the many messages I had sent.  I had contacted a community director here on hf, to warn other buyers here, in case it was a scam. However, I haven't heard a follow up in awhile, so I'm not sure if any measures were taken to stop the seller from posting more items (because he/she has posted multiple listings here). Anyway, it's my fault not being more cautious about this situation but it is now obvious I have been scammed. But, what's outrageous is i just happened to get another private message from a "new member" stating that they have the shoes that I want. In my head I thought, hah imagine it's the same person. I was reviewing my old conversations and I noticed the email address they had wanted me to send payment through was the SAME username that had JUST messaged me about the shoes. I'm in shock and disbelief they have the nerves to make another account and try to scam me yet again. wow.. Anyway, this is just another wake up call and reminder that everyone should be careful and do research on "sellers feedback, history, etc " for any website or listing. But, hopefully MOD or someone here can ban this person from coming again and again and recreating new accounts.

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