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Which model jeans for muscular thighs and booty

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I am 5'11", about 175lbs, currently wear a size 31x32 jean. I used to wear a size 36, and weigh 210lbs, until just recently, and am finding if very difficult to find jeans that will fit my thighs, due to the exercise that I do, mostly involves legs.


I measured my thigh, and it is around 22-23" around. I measured a pair of Lucky jeans that fit well, and the thigh opening (from crotch to the outside of the leg) was about 13", so would be about 26" around. I do not like tight jeans at all, in fact, I have another pair of jeans that measure 11.75", and they are about as tight as I can stand.


I like low to mid rise, boot or straight cut. I searched some of the threads that are already out there, but they are some 4-5 years old, and I thought the styles may have changed since then.


You guys got any recommendations on styles?

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Larkee and Zhav are relaxed in the thigh area. Larkee is straight leg, Zhave is bootcut

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I tried on some Viker's today, but probably would have size up to be comfortable in them, 32, but also tried on the Korrik's, and they were a perfect fit, just the right amount of room in the legs.  Are there any other styles that are similar to the Korrik's?  How do the Zhav's compare?  If they are between the Viker's and Korrik's, that might be even better.  The selection of Diesel at this particular store was very limited, they only had 3 different styles.

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I've never tried any korriks or zhav but I'm pretty sure Zhavs are alil slimmer than korriks

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I'm in the same boat as you.  I'm 5'11" and about 195 with lots of muscle.  I find in the older models that Kuratt (mid-rise) fit my thighs/butt comfortably and so do Levan (low-rise) although the Levans are a little slimmer in the thigh/butt than the Kuratts. 


If you're looking for a new pair, Larkee is supposed to be a similar fit to Levans, but they're not.  Larkke are smaller in the thigh/butt than Levan and don't fit me there.  Same for Zhav.


Korrik is a "comfort fit" and it's the only Diesel model today that I find can fit my thighs/butt.  But to me, Korriks are a little too "sloppy" looking and don't fit me as nice as the old Kuratts & Levans.

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sized up Viker or Larkee would be best bet

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