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Zathan 8SS

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Just bought a pair of Zathan 8SS. Really like them.. but they need hemming as they didn't have any 30s. These are 28/32.


On the tag it says that the denim will rub off on white fabrics. I've had this happen once before with Diesel (8KK) but they've never included a warning. Should I expect these to ruin trainers and t-shirts or will washing before I wear them sort it out?


Zathan 8SS

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I have always liked 8SS, and now like it more that it comes in the Zathan cut.  I would still be careful though, as these will most likely ruin your white sneakers.


I see you also bought them direct from Diesel!

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I do like my Larkee 8SS quite a bit, but still wish they came in Darron, Thanaz or Poiak.. don't wear my larkee's much anymore


Larkee 8FR is still the best wash for that cut EVER

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I want these but in sweden if ordering from diesel onlinestore they are 250 euros...that is alot for a pair of zathan :(

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Yeah, I was hoping they'd last until the sales... but I got an email saying they were down to the last pair of 28s. I haven't really seen them around much so I went for it.

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