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Thanaz 8c3 in US

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does nayone know where i can find them?


because ive seen some pictures of thanaz 8c3 and i loved it


but... i cant find them anywhere in the US.. 


and here.. they dont have much info and pictures about that jeans


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In Germany they are just avaiable in some Stores.

In Diesel Store Cologne they dont have them I bought them in Diesel Store Milan.

I love them one of the best Thanaz I've ever seen IMO.

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meh, besides the pockets whats the difference between these and 8SV?

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^I would say the colour. 8c3 is way more lighter than 8sv.

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i saw them in italy they were nothing special.... very very bland boring wash IMO.

if anything 8b2 is nicer which is another non usa wash.

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I totally disagree with you but thats an question of opinion ;)

I hate 8b2 IMO it looks very cheap and I would not buy them for 50€.

One of the worst Thanaz I've ever seen.

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ive been wondering this aswell im gonna post some pics i found on the fw10 thread 

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