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PPD denim emulates classic and modern styles,so i think that taylor lautner is the best one to embody the ppd jeans cause he combines the both styles.

if i won the ppd i will rock them with my girl on dance floor.

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I personally think someone like Jay-Z. He's extremely confident and wears everything with style. He wears what works for him & isn't afraid to stand out in a crowd.


If I won, I would rock the PPD look with converse, a graphic tee & hoodie/blazer. I'd say I have a very casual, laid-back style. I like to start trends- not follow them. I think PPD would be perfect for me!

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I'd be shock to see Flava Flave wear a pair of PPD--haha, kidding. I'd say David Beckham would rock a pair of PPD really well.


If I win these jeans, I'd wear 'em with a nice white/light colored shirt and flip flops (summer time) or some white shoes. :)

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I think soulja boy (should)best embodies the PPD style. The PPD adds butt, and offers a pair of pants that fit appropriately.


I would rock the PPD on my favorite day, friday! I save my best outfits for friday, so I could wear my best jeans with a flannel shirt and matching nikes. With my A outfit on, I can confidently go out and be comfortable in any environment.

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sweet contest... so


I reckon Joe of Jonas Brothers would wear the style of these jeans.

If i get my hands on those jeans they will follow me to the most crazy party happening in sydney.



good luck yall

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Pharrell Williams or Kid Cudi would wear the Drexels excellently. They each have that skinny Jean with t-shirt / fitted button down look down solid! These jeans really reflect their style at this moment! They'd probably throw them on with a white tee and sleek sunglasses.

If I won them, I would rock them with a pair of my really bright or patent leather Nike Dunks and an awesome long sleeve crew neck. Ive been looking for an awesome pair of skinny jeans to tuck inside my sneaks and these are definitely them!
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Got to hand this one to Zac Efron. The guy knows how to choose his denim, especially skinny jeans, and whatever he wears usually becomes more popular because everyone knows that he knows how to pick his jeans.  Whether he's wearing Nudie, APC, or April 77, whatever he wears looks pretty appealing. If word were to get out that Efron wore PPD's, you can bet guys who love denim but don't know what to choose with all the options  out there would definitely check it out. The jeans he wears fit him really well, and I don't know if any other celebrity really pulls off the skinny jeans as well as he does. 


How would I rock out the PPD look? I definitely prefer a clean, classic look, so I wouldn't wear any crazy looking shoes or desperate looking graphic tee that would distract from the main attraction. I would opt more for my white American Apparel fitted tees and my Converse shoes, along with one of my favorite jackets. 


*edited a typo

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So did I win???

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I'm dying to find out who won! When will the winners be announced?

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I checked with PPD and they said they will be announcing the winners this week!  Size 36W in Tar please!!

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I wonder if we will ever find out who won this contest?

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I really doubt about it.

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Hi all!  Sorry for delay in announcing the winners!  First we'd like to thank everyone who entered!  So many of the responses were great and we are so excited to have so many fans with such great style.  But on with the info you're waiting for, right?   And the winners are...


Dr. Drexel




Congratulations guys!


And to follow up, we'd love to see a picture of how you actually rocked your PPD style!  Please feel free to post pictures!  Thanks everyone!!!

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Thanks for the contest DB & Paige!

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