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WIN a pair of PPD Drexel Jeans from Paige Premium Denim

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Paige Premium Denim is giving 3 lucky DenimBlog readers/members the chance to WIN a pair of their sexiest, slim fitting men's PPD jeans, the Drexel. The Drexel is Paige's most popular fit and it's gorgeous! It's the perfect skinny jean for any man! Guys also need their butts to look good, just like the women! Paige's jeans do this for both her women's and men's line! You wont be disappointed.


All you have to do to enter this fantastic giveaway and be in with a chance of winning a pair is leave a comment on this thread answering this question: Which celeb do you think best embodies the PPD style? And how would you rock the PPD look if you won?


The contest will be open for 2 weeks and will end on the 6th September 2010. The 3 winners will each receive 1 pair of PPD Drexel jeans in whatever wash is available in the desired size. The jean is a very popular one and it sells out fast, this is why no specific wash is being stated. Good luck to everyone who enters the contest! We definitely need more guys in PPD!


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I think a celeb that would embody the PPD style is Neil Patrick Harris. I think the style is comfortable but stylish at the same time; just like Harris is.


HOWEVER, I think the PPD Drexel also suits the rocker type style as well. If I win these, I'd give them to my brother who has a very punk/rock style and would be able to wear them with confidence.

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I would like to see Zack Efron in Paige Premium Denim.

I would rock them with my hot man on the dance floor.

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If I could pick the best celebrity that outfits PPD denim best, I would choose Neil Patrick Harris. His collected and sexy attitude is exactly what PPD represents. Whether he's on set or walking the streets of LA or NYC, denim is the easiest and refined fashion route to follow. NPH has such a calm persona, and he just always appears happy and confident, which in itself is sexy. 


If I won a pair of PPD Drexel jeans, I would wear them all around NYC, day or night. My fashion sense is more luxury basics. I love a fantastic fitting skinny jean, and I can attest on how fabulous the Drexel fit is. Dress these jeans with a slim t-shirt, loud sneaks, and you're good for whatever comes your way.  The large tread pocket just emphasis the beauty of these jeans and their carefree outlook on life. You know what you're after in life, and know within time and with proper steps, you'll achieve exactly what you want. You want denim that fits you perfectly, highlights all your positive assets, and denim that is that of extreme quality, fit and finish. I know PPD exemplifies that perfectly. 

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If I could choose one celeb (male) who embodied the style of PPD, I would say Robert Pattinson. I'm not a huge Twilight fan, but this guy can make such a casual outfit look so chic and easy. And when a formal event rolls around, he takes that casual style and incorporates it into formal-wear, creating a suave yet comfortable look. I feel that PPD is so versatile and flattering, that it compliments every outfit, from day to night, and can make an outfit look effortless and fashionable. 


I love slim-fitting jeans, and they're mostly all I wear now. I think that the Drexel is a great fit in some fantastic washes, and PPD puts out some of the most high-quality and beautiful jeans. This specific fit is so versatile, that I could see myself wearing these to class weekly, with an oxford for a more preppy look; or with a tight-fitting solid T, sneakers, and my gold aviators for a more casual look. You could even dress these up, with a black blazer and some lace-up dress shoes for a nice dinner or night out. The Drexel fit really looks great on guys, since it's a more tailored, slim-fitting cut, and I would LOVE to add it to my collection of denim!

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If I had an choice of a male celebrity to model the PPD Drexel jeans, I think David Beckham would be perfect to model the PPD Drexel jeans, considering he can rock any pair of jeans, he needs more variety of jeans since he's seen in PRPS, Diesel, RRL and many different brands. He can wear jeans in the daytime and able to look relaxed but yet he can go out at nighttime and look professional. PPD is a brand that is starting to become more popular everyday and is a brand that is very confortable and helps complete the outfit. 


I think the Drexel is a perfect fit for men considering nowadays that most men needs to wear jeans that flatter their body types. Ever since I tried on a pair of an slim fitting jeans, now they're only what I wear. They help me look slimmer. PPD is a high quality and puts out jeans that helps flatter anyone with any different type of body shapes. 

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I like James' post, I'd also nominate an athlete who can make the most of PPD's sleek, hip look.  How bout Tom Brady - he projects easy confidence which these jeans comfortable but stylish jeans fit; pics of him wearing the jeans will get plenty of photo play in celebrity magazines, etc.; and since he's known for his athletic success his endorsement would emphasize that the jeans are comfortable and functional as well as stylish.


If I had a pair of Drexel's I would give them to my cousin who teaches and plays music in NYC; he is much more stylish than me and would appreciate this sweet pair of jeans.

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I would like to see Orlando Bloom (he rocks his slim/skinny DH UMC and they fit him great) or Jude Law.


I will wear PPD in same way like my Thanazs or DH 19cm - with slim fitting tee and black boots or slim profile trainers (CP or chucks).

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David Beckham embodies the PPD style.  Confident, chic, athletic and stylish with that added something that elevates the ordinary into the extraordinary.  With his physique accentuated in beautifully tailored denim...he may be playing the game, but us women know the score!


If I won, my husband would rock the PPD look to the max.  Teaming the classic simplicity of a slim fitting pure white tee and high tops to enhance the skinny Drexel jeans, he'd look every inch the rockstar I married 13 years ago. I'd be transported back to our youth when aspiring friends called him cool and stylish.....me...?  I just called him!!!! 

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While some of the previous post to this question give great choices of models for PPD, I would have to say that James Franco would do well in a pair of PPD's. He just has a style that's unfocused and effortless yet confident and believable, I dig it.


Obviously slim fit jeans are a hot commodity right now, so it's important for men who wear them to stay true to their style. As a US Navy sailor, I'm used to being in uniform, but when not on duty, my style is one that's comfortable, individualistic, versatile and visionary. There are many ways I wear slim fit jeans, but with a pair of PPD I would roll them slightly at the ankle and rock a light cardigan, v-neck tee and my favorite worn in low-cut oxfords or another low cut shoe like my SWEAR's.

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Zac Efron would wear PPD well.  He knows how to dress young but tastefully, and he knows how to make a variety different fits and washes look good.


I love skinny jeans and it would be awesome to have a pair from Paige Premium.  I would definitely wear them with a bunch of different looks; button downs, plain tees, denim jacket.  I'm going to college and have had to stay with the lower price point denim, but some premium denim would be a nice addition to my wardrobe.

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i think the best celeb should be Robbie Williams...and if I did win one, I would wear it same.

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I believe the best celeb to wear the PPD Drexel would be Zac Efron. Not only does he possess a great sense of style, but he seems to collect designer jeans on a daily basis. He has been seen in Diesel, Levis, Nudies, and etc. His style is impeccable in every aspect and I am sure it is not before long that he will invest in a pair of PPD Drexel jeans himself. Furthermore, Zac Efron is an avid skinny denim lover, so these Drexel jeans will undoubtedly fit in with his style/wardrobe.


If I were to win these Drexel jeans, I would pair it up with a plain solid vneck. Vnecks are simple and clean. It allows for a both sophisticated look, as well as a relaxed look. Any crew neck t-shirt would suffice as well. As with most jeans, a solid leather belt would look add to the greater sense of style -- which I would wear with my PPD Drexel jeans. In terms of shoes, I would wear them with Converse by John Vavartos multieyelet shoes, or some sort of skinny high top (YSL Rolling shoes would look great with these jeans as well).

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I think Rugby Player Ben Cohen would look amazing in the Drexel fit PPD jean!


If I won a pair I'd wear mine with a navy and white stripped v-neck and a pair of navy sperry topsiders for a great end of summer Nautical inspired look

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I would have to say the male celebrity that most closely embodies the Paige brand style would be Zac Efron. He has a way of combining classic, preppy style with a young, edgy flare. Paige brand jeans have an all-around comfortable fit that can go seamlessly from work to play and beyond.
If I was lucky enough to win the pair of jeans (which I would love, seeing as I’ve been saving to buy a pair for a while now), I’d rock them with tons of things. I’d most likely wear them most often with my Sperry Top Siders, a plain white tee or vneck, and my vintage Ray Ban aviators. If the weather cooled down a bit, I would throw on a cool striped hoodie and switch to a pair of high top Chuck Taylors. Switch the hoodie with a dark blazer and I’m all set to go out! Paige denim has it all. Comfort, versatility, and style. I’d do anything to win a pair!
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Either david beckham or zac efron, both guys know how to wear demim and do it justice. Personally i would either throw on a casual shirt or slim fit tshirt and some shoes, sneakers, or my favorite all saints boots.

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I think pete wentz would look great in the paige jeans especially the grey wash, he would probably wear them with a pair of high tops. I would also love the grey ones and would probably wear them with a black v-neck and dress shoes =)

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I think justin bieber would look great in paige jeans!

I want to win one pair of PPD for my husband he lose 80 pounds would be his first PPD jeans.



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What a cool contest!

I would say Ryan Reynolds would embody the style of these jeans by way of his attitude and celebrity lifestyle. 

The next time I needed some "stepping out" clothes these PPD's would follow me to the dance floor. 

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The celebrity that I think will kill the paige premium denim style is Adam Levine.  Adam Levine would look sick in a pair of Drexel denim.  If he paired it with a button down or even a white tee he would be good to go performing on stage.


If i won a pair of Drexel denim, i would probably wear them everyday. No lie. I would rock it to class, to the club, my job ( Life Guard), etc. Any time I'm out of the house i would wear them.  Chillin in a crewneck cashmere sweater, PPD, Fedora, and Clark desert boot and Im good to go.

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I think David Beckham takes it, he always looks fresh.


I would rock PPD with some Nike Air Max 90's and a white tee, just keepin it simple but fresh

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PPD denim emulates a city-casual, modern, but not too trendy style. Its a jean that will last longer then other trends. It mixes the perfect amount of classic and urban-cool. My celeb pick to best rock the PPD style is Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl. He’s the classic beauty, but with an urban edge.

I’d pair my jeans with a vintage graphic tee, nylon windbreaker, and a comfy pair of Converse all-stars.

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Zac Efron and David Beckham wear denim well, however they seem to be slaves of fashion which doesn't match the PPD style.  I would say Adam Levine is best suited style-wise with PPD Drexels.  Slim, rockin attitude and a laid back sense of style.  PPD Drexel's can be dressed up or down with the right combination.  Adam has that sense of style, sometimes he's edgy and others he is more dressy but always with a purpose.


I would rock the PPD Drexels on weekends at home with a casual v neck tee and my leather Reefs.  Out on the town, I would dress them up with a nice button down, some dressy loafers or edgy boots and a stylish belt. 

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i guess david beckham will.

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david bekham has an own style of wearing denims whom we all wanna follow, but no where near him, i guess this pair of jeans will help me out 4 that.


i would like to wear a pair of blue slim fit denim, with a slim fit rich cotton white shirt with my kohlapuri(india) leather sandle. love it. try it, n rock the world.

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