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Diesel jeans price list

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I cannot understand some jeans price list : why thanaz 8s9 is sold 230usd and the 8l4 240 bucks when the former is made in Romania and the latter in Italy where we can suppose work taxes are higher and quality better : both jeans are really nice though ; curiuosly on diesel store for europe the 8l4 is much higher at 240 euros when the 8j9 is "only" sold 180 euros !
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As long as it's an authentic pair of Diesel jeans, the quality will be the same, regardless of the country it was made in.


The difference in price depends on the wash.


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I disagree. I have Diesels that are not made in Italy and I find them lower in quality in terms of fit and feel then those made in Italy. I find that the the wash itself is of high quality though.

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in these days, not MII is little bit not toooooo bad.

 8b9, 8AT... but, we can find out those are cheap model easily.



 MII(italy)'s wash and denim is better than MIM(mor)/MIR(rom).




what u wana know?

 why 8L9 is sold 240EUR compared w/t  8j9(maybe u type 8S9 right?) 180EUR.

 u think 8L9 should be sold in EU more closer to 180EUR right?


sorry, i know my english knowledge is low. lol



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washes made in Italy are more crafted and patterns are more complicated I suppose that expain the difference in retail price ; but what is most weird is that poor washes like 8b2 are expensive compared with most crafted I.e. 8l4 ; and that more acceptable washes like the 8s9, really really nice are expensive even if not made in Italy
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if u wana buy DIESEL on EU price, how about using EU proxy.


so price is differ on each country.

selling logical strategy are differ by each country.

each country's DIESEL define wihch ID and price on checking own country's market and favor.


so japan's price is 2times higher than EU/US's one. and not deliver thanaz-8S9.

cos try to selling 8L9 on high price. if Diesel japan will sell 8S9, should price down 8L9 too.


then , these is no need to discuss price issue compared w/t other country.

 that caused by each country's logical strategy for selling caused by nationality and economic issue...


just IMO.





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I was speaking of thanazs. I have bought the safado 9l9 too because they worth the money !
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