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Suggestions on new jeans

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Hi, I'm looking for a new pair of jeans and I'm stuck between a few options so I was hoping that you guys could help me out with what you have already. 


I'm looking at maybe:

- ES (Earnest Sewn) Harlan Cigarettes in dry stretch (does anyone know if these are actually dry denim?)

- RRLs - maybe slim selvedge but I'm not sure which one yet

- APC New Cures or New Standards 

- I've also been considering NF (Naked & Famous) but they don't stock them in Australia so I've been looking around online for a site that stocks them in my size


I generally wear 7/25 and other jeans I own are Sass & Bide, G Star, Tsubi (from Ksubi era), Cheap Mondays. 

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I hear good things about Earnest Sewn, don't own any however, so I can't really say. Give Frankie B. Jeans a shot, if you haven't already. There's a huge selection online.






Hope this helps with your search!

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I've never looked at Frankie B. Jeans before, mostly because I don't think I've ever seen them around in Australia and online, I tend to look at jeans that use a good raw denim. They're cuts look superb though! 


Thanks for your reply! I'm still hunting around for a pair of NFs.

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