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How do nudies fit?

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So I'm a 29 or 30 waist in Diesel thanaz, just wondering what waist size I should be looking at for nudies.


I'm also not sure what cut I should be looking at. I like the slim/skinny fit, but not super skin tight. What would be most similar to thanaz?


Thanks in advance :D

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nuide thin finn one size up from your 100% cotton thanaz is perfect

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I wear 35 in APC new cure and I wear a 36 thin finn but I also wear my pants a little loose and not like second skin....depends on how tight you want them

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i`m interested in buying a Nudie "Grim Tim" Jeans. I wear 32 on Diesel Safado & Tepphar.
Any suggestions? 

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Size down one on Grim Tim. They look weird if worn loose at all because the taper causes the back thigh to fold awkward

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If I'm ordering Skinny Lin and am normally a 31" waist in Thavar/Tepphar, what waist should I go for?


I was thinking 33"...?

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Did you end up getting any?

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Nope not yet. I will at some point though.
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