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thanaz 8B9 & shioner 8AA

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just got them in the mail today


thanaz 8B9






shioner 8AA





sized down on the thanaz, fits a ton better. love the color of 8B9 and the 8AA

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I would size down also on 8AA, they will stretch a lot.

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So shoiner it's one up from that thanaz?
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they are both the same size but I didn't know the shioner's were stretch so I could have sized down one

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That is what I was wondering because I wanted to cop shoiner 8aa but not sure about size I also have thanaz 8b9 so either that size or size down. Hopefully they still have 28 somewere.
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I'd say size down, I think the diesel online store has a bunch of shioiner's in different sizes

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I would size down on both... haven´t had any experience with 8AA wash before but I bet they will stretch massively. 8B9´s fabric is nothing like eg. 71B in a terms of thickness or toughness so I wouldn´t expect they´re gonna keep their current shape for ages ... :-)))

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8AA sucks without the resin coating

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