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cost of your last jeans!

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hey all!

Do you remember the cost of your last true religion jeans pair? well i do not want to look cheap but i am interested to know due to some other reason. ;)


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I got my True Religion jeans at one of the Off 5th stores and paid about $140. I think it was like 50% off.



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^Congratulations--you actually paid retail price for a Straight-To-Discount pair! Most of those at Off 5th (and TJ Maxx, Loehmann's, Nordstrom Rack, Last Call) are actually sent there directly from the company and intended to be sold at those lower-price stores, so they are cheaper to produce and only retail for 100-150. (7FAM, R&R, Paige and WR do this as well.) The good news for you is that less people are aware of TR's Straight to Discount line as they are of 7FAM and R&Rs, so if you were to resell them on Ebay, you could probably still get a good price for them. I just sold some S2D Joeys to a friend's housemate (realized after I'd bought for resale that they were indeed S2D) and she was happy as a clam--the big perk of these pairs is they do have longer inseams, which this particular buyer needed.

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That's good to know.... thanks for the info!

I really like my TR, as it seems thicker than my old SFAM or AG (seems last longer) so I'm pretty happy with it. Now that I know the secret of the S2D, I'll make a trip to those lower price stores more often. :-)

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^Yeah, if you're a fan of the S2D cuts you may also try TJ Maxx, because they often retail for less than they do at Off 5th and Last Call. Ebay might also have some good deals (just try them on in-store to figure out your size, then buy online)

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