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Not much of Diesel collection


Darron 8k2

Darron 8mz

Thavar 8x2

Thavar 880G

Thanaz 008P



My Darron collection are for sale. Let me know if anyone interested. size 26/30 .

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My humble collection of Diesel jeans consists of these:


Thanaz 71J  x3

Thanaz 73J

Thanaz 73V

Thanaz 8SV

Thanaz 8C9

Thanaz 8L4

Thanaz 8IE

Thanaz 8LP

Thanaz 8JF


Thavar 8X2


I'm still looking for Thanaz 8AA, 72C, 8GZ, 61E and 72L to complete my thanaz collection.

I think I'll start to pay attention to new washes of thavar from now on.

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looking to buy me a Timmen 8my how does it fit, how long is it and which size do you wear?


how is the fit compare to larkee 88z?

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By the way my diesel collection


Larkee 8c0

Larkee 88z

Larkee 73p(for work)


Timmen 8AT

Timmen 8lk

Timmen 882v(my best fitting Timmen and its a stretch)

Timmen 8lg

Timmen 8gi

Timmen 73i

Safado 8ql( just arrived in a 33/32 but i am going to sell it cause it don't fit that good in the waist and a 32 lentght is very short


Well thats it for the moment!

But aim kind of pissed of of the timmen cut cause every single pair runs other in waist and length. Cant understand that every wash is soo different, so it makes almost impossible to buy them online

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I'm really pleased with the timmen 8my, was gonna buy it in the viker-r-box but the timmen suited me better(better detailing IMO) the denim is very light and soft but not stretch. And they fit great on the thighs(a little slimmer than larkee, more like viker) but they taper a little to the hem. I'm 6'2" and 175lbs and I wear a 32x32. Great fitting jeans, I'd thoroughly recommend them.
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I owned only 3 for the moment, but im kinda new to diesel jeans :)


Safado 71j, Viker r box 8f5, Zatiny 74f  but i plan to buy Viker R Box 88z and 8at and a Safado 8e7.

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I have 41 pairs of Diesel jeans at the moment.


Here is the current range.


Zathan and Zatiny


Zathan 772, Zathan 71J, Zathan 8IK, Zathan 8KJ, Zatiny 8UP, Zatiny 88Z

Zathan 772, Zathan 71J, Zathan 72H, Zathan 8KJ, Zatiny 8AT, Zatiny 8XR

Zathan 772, Zathan 70N, Zathan 8AT, Zathan 8ZT, Zatiny 8IW, Zatiny 8ST

Zathan 70C, Zathan 784, Zathan 8SZ, Zatiny 72L, Zatiny 8RQ




Safado 8KJ, Safado 8AA, Viker 72D, Larkee 88Z, Thanaz 8C3

Safado 41L, Safado 72H, Viker 8GZ, Larkee 8ST, Thanaz 8V9

Safado 71R, Safado71J, Keever 8AC, Larkee 73I,

Safado 8GS, Trouleg 8BK, Heeven 8UJ, Tepphar 8Y9


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Looking good. GET MORE SKINNIES!!!!!

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I intend to. I want some more Thanaz and Safado. I want some Thavar too.


I might sell my Larkee and Viker and one or two of my Zathan to make way for them!

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Thanaz 8ww

Thanaz 73v

Thanaz 73j

Thanaz 8fc

Thanaz 8c3

Thanaz 8ie

Thanaz 8ar


Tepphar 8yo

Tepphar 8na


Thavar 8w7


Poiak 8sv

Larkee 71j

Paddom 8bi


Diesel Pavelt


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You got a few pairs I really like there. Why dont you ever post in the what diesel are you wearing thread?

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Thanks maybe I will do that in future :)

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thanaz 73j

thanaz 8ww

thanaz 8sv

shioner 880w

tepphar 881w

diesel black gold limited okayama jean (dont know the name of cut similar to thanaz)

thanaz 8lp

thavar 8x2


only those pairs which im wearing right now

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Nice. You should be posting your outfits more too!
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Itsinmyjeans: Do you have any pix of you in Zathan 772s?

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I sold them on auction. That was a bad decision cause I only got $70 for them

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I'll do my best to remember as many as I can.


Busky 71I

Chinew 89J

Heeven 8UJ

Korrik 74G

Krooley 881R

Adi-Larkee 8B2

Larkee 73P For sale

Larkee 74G

Larkee 8YM

Larkee 880F

Larkee 880R

Larkee 8B9

Larkee 8C0

Larkee 8MD

Larkee 8SZ

Larkee 8J4

Larkee-Zip 8J4

Koffha 796

Koffha 8BK

Koffha 8II

Pheyo 8SV

Pheyo 8ST

Tyel 772

Viker 71J

Viker 8MZ

Viker-R-Box 8AT - For sale

Zaf 796

Zaghor 8AT

Zathan 8AT

Zatiny 8TL

Zatiny 8XR

Zatiny 8W7...


And now my minds gone blank icon_sad.gif


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my diesel collection


thanaz 73J

thanaz 61E

thanaz 72C

thanaz 8SV

thanaz 880F

thavar 8NE

thavar 882R

tepphar 880R

slammer 73J


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DBG Phlauby

Chi-tight-an Pantalon

P-Shioner Pantalon

Shioner 8MD

Thavar 8X2

Thavar 880M

Thanaz 8WW

Poiak 8SV

Krooley 8NJ

Krooley 8N1 x2

Tepphar 8Y0

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8x9 Cool of Coal (2x, one is new and unworn)

8v4 Cool of Coal (2x, one is new and unworn)

8QU in beige, olive, dark blue




8nj (2x, one is new and unworn)





















Chi-Blado (dark blue, washed, with dirty spots:P)

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hi everyone, I have been reading various threads on this forum in the past few weeks and finally decided to get some diesel jeans and register on the forum.

Anyway my collection,

Shazor 8AB
Zatiny 74F
Darron 73n
Koolter 8y9 turbo
Thavar 8aa stretch

I am looking forward to getting other cuts as well, I have iakop and viker r box in mind just need to find a good wash.
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hey guys,


this is my first post. 

enjoy my small but nice collections of diesel denims :>


8Y9 turbo denim

















as well as a grey cig-one chino.


more are about to follow :)



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Hey guys,


also my first post. icon_biggrin.gif


I have:


Poiak 8WM

Poiak 8B4


Krooley 8XZ

Krooley 74D


Darron 8SV


Koolter 8X2


Larkee 88Z


Thanaz 73N


Tepphar 881W


Not many, but already too many, as I can hardly ever wear jeans :/

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Started  wearing Diesel this year and my little collection now:


Krooley 8XZ

Krooley 8N1

Krooley 8ZW


Safado 8E7


Poiak 882b


Larkshort 8PB

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Its a nice collection. You should post fit pics

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