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Hey Everyone,
So basically I've never had enough money to buy a decent pair of jeans until now. I've never worn any sort of "skinny" jeans before, and I went to the mall to try some today. These were Levi 511 (28x32) Skinny jeans. Do you guys think this is a good fit for me?
I've been wanting to get a pair of Nudies for a while but I can't try them on before I buy them online since I live in Minnesota :( I don't think I would like anything skinnier than these 511's. Would Thin Finns or Slim Jims be closer to the fit of the Levi's? Another thing I'm worried about is that I heard Nudies have a much higher rise, and I have to sag my jeans a lot or else my torso looks small and disproportional. 
I'm 5'8.5 and 130 lbs, so if there are any other recommendations it would be greatly appreciated too :)