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Need jeans identification!

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Last night I saw this guy with these cool pair of jeans. I asked him what brand it is. Unluckily he didnt seem to care and didnt know. He showed me the tag on the back which had the two letters "Z" and "U" on it. He said he bought them in Munich, Germany.

I secretly took those pics:




Can anyone identify which brand it is? Must be quite expensive. The party was ritzy and the guy looked the rich type, hehe.

Thanks a lot!

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No idea, prob a German brand.  I find it funny he said he didn't know what brand they were based on what he was wearing... 

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Yeah, I thought that was funny too. That being said he pulled out his iPhone 4 and showed off. lol.


Maybe he didnt want me to wear the same one or something. But then again he showed me tag on the backside and I still couldnt figure out the name.


I doubt it's a german brand though. I wouldnt know of any german jeansmakers. And me being German, I probably would know of such a brand I guess. :-)




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