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I've been searching for some thanaz in 8sv but when I finally tried them I didn't like the cut. So I looked on the Diesel online store and saw that they had Viker in 8SV and on sale in my size! Can't wait to get them! Those will be my F off jeans! lol

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I bought a pair from a member on this forum and LOVE them.  I think you'll be very happy with them when they arrive.

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Awesome! Have any pics of you wearing them?!

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Where did you find them on the Diesel online store? Could you post the link?

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Yes they are on the offical Diesel online store! Here's the link!





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Nice! Congrats, post pic when u get them!

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Originally Posted by Gpoop View Post

Awesome! Have any pics of you wearing them?!

Unfortunately, I'm without camera at the moment.  The camera on my phone sucks, but I'll try and get a pic with them when I wear them out, tomorrow night.

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Thanks Kazakh and I will! That sucks karnodal 



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Here's me in the Vikers. I love the wash and they are so comfortable but I should have sized down. Damnit oh well these are my f off jeans anyway so lol DSCF3353.JPG








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Dear Viker lover(lol),


 so nice wash and back pocket design...


 i never seen before this back pocket design on VIKER.


 plz post pics to WDYWD too...

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I will! btw how do you like the fit?

 Also some more pics of stuff lol








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 as viker fit, so nice

 that means even though u know safado cut, u select viker

  this fit is so nice IMO.

  from looks around the your ankle, i recommend u safado too.




 so, i like viker. u know well..

my viker-73J



safado-8IW(will ship to germany)






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