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Win $100 for just adding tags to threads!!

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As you have probably already discovered the new site has many cool features: tagging posts is one of them.


When you open a post you can tag it by accessing the tagging tool in the right hand column. Let's say you want to tag a thread about authenticating a Juicy Couture bag. Just pick the autocomplete tool, start typing Juicy and then click or hit enter on your selection. It's as easy as that! You can also use the tag search tool and have a look at the list of existing misc. tags (eg. sizing, alterations-repairs, Dior and many more).


We are giving away $100 to the member who has appropriately tagged the highest number of posts by the end of this month!! Please keep in mind that all posts can be tagged EXCEPT marketplace posts. This contest is open to all members.

So jump in, start adding tags and be the person who wins $100!!


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Sands win

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 plz use that money to solve what some members ask to this forum...


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13 days left to add as many tags as you can!


Here are the results so far:


Year Month Day Tags
2010 7 19 5
2010 7 18 1
2010 7 17 3
2010 7 16 7
2010 7 15 7
2010 7 14 3
2010 7 13 3
2010 7 12 12
2010 7 11 3


If you have any questions or doubts feel free to post them here or to drop us a PM!


Good luck to all of you ;-)

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Good luck to all of you ;-)

all of you who?

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w/o me





but i don't want that. i really want HF members and HF site.


DB forums mods and promo....

 try to do your best for recover that!!

 can't recover that so cheap money($100)  XD






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for getting $100, we try to add tag?



we are Advertisement of this forum??




i can't understand what this forum want to do.

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Sand, it has nothing to do with advertising. Tagging is just a great way to label content; a tag is like an identifier on the site to pull information together It makes it a lot easier to find all the information you need when you are doing a search on the site for example.

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thx for your explanation.

but i'm not sure good function or not.

 like as Crawler of google?


 if i put some key word, crawler running and answer to me as RSS.


 "DIESEL 71B SLAMMER eBay W31 L34"

 when it find that, let me know...









great job if u can.




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^ Here you can find everything you need to know about tagging:




Hope this helps!

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any thx.


but i have no friends here shear the info.... to write down to wikipedia..



so i'll check later this function.

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Last few days to get in your tags!
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if no need share same info on wiki,

 do not need add tag...



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finaly i'm not sure, what should i do for this.





how about the result?

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Thanks everyone for participating & congrats to our winner Creo! You will soon be contacted by a member of the DB team 

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congrats creo.




plz send money to NGO to make peaceful world




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That was totally unexpected, what a nice surprise :D

Thx DenimBlog!

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