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Frankie B. Jeans!!! Remembering my first experience with designer denim

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I was digging through my closet the other day and found the first ever pair of designer jeans I bought. They were Frankie B. jeans I got sometime in 2005. I remember I fell in love instantly and I pretty much blame them for my Frankie B. obsession every since. It got me thinking about the first time I put them on and wore them out. They were fit so well and hugged my body perfectly. They also made my butt look good  . The rise is what really made them memorable. As everyone knows, Frankie B. is infamous for having the lowest rise jeans out there (that's the reason I bought them). I was used to wearing Hollister and American Eagle low rise jeans, but Frankie B. was in its own league. They sat so, SOOO low. Lower than I had ever experienced. In front they were easily over an inch lower than my hip bone. And in the back, my butt crack was just barely covered while standing. When I moved at all it would peek out, and if I sat or bent over it would definitely make an appearance. I was almost scared off and tempted to return them. But they fit so well and the denim was so soft and comfortable, and lets face it, they were the cutest jeans I had ever seen with the embroidered "F" on the back pockets. I had to keep them and give them a chance. So I wore them around the house for 3 straight days pretty much to get used to the rise. It is true what they say, I was comfortable wearing them after getting accustomed to how low they sat. I remember I decided to wear them out to a friends BBQ for the first time. It was summer so I paired them with a simple white tank top and 2-inch heels. The tank top just came down to my belly button, so I there was a decent amount of skin showing , nothing trashy or anything though. Other girls were dressed much more "skankier". During the BBQ I tried to stay standing, but that was short lived. I was constantly walking around, sitting and bending over to grab stuff. I'll admit I did get self-conscious and stopped to hike up my jeans, but overall I was comfortable. I just felt sexy wearing them. Anyway, my friends all thought I looked good. They were taking pictures (it was a social gathering after all), and when I saw the pictures, I'll admit, I did look pretty good, and the jeans deserve all the credit. I knew my butt crack was showing but like I said, after a while you get used to how low they are. After wearing them to the BBQ, my friends were calling and asking me where I got the jeans .


That was in 2005. Today I have over 25 pairs of Frankie B. and I notice the rise is getting higher, which is really unfortunate. Frankie B. is known for its low rise, so they should stick to that. I'm not saying that showing butt crack is in fashion or anything, its just a side effect of wearing those jeans. But lower jeans make my abs and butt look amazing, so I wish Frankie B. would go back to its low rises.


After finding my first pair of Frankie B's, I decided to wear them to work. I had almost forgotten how low they were, but they still fit and still made my body look amazing. My coworkers (all girls) were amazed at how well they fit. I think I won over some more Frankie B fans.


Just thought I'd share my first experience and obsession with Frankie B. Jeans. Do you remember the first time you put on a pair of Frankie's? How was your first experience wearing them? Do you still wear them?

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Welcome to the forum!


I really think Frankie B is one of the most flattering and sexy brands but unfortunately the rise is way too low for me. I haven't checked them out lately but if they are now making higher rises as you say, I might actually try a pair

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Welcome! Though Frankies are completely wrong for my body type (short legs/long waist, extremely ample behind...) I think they look super cute on those leggy, small-butt types. I still have one of my first pairs of 7FAM, though, and (unfortunately) they fit again, so I may wear them soon...

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Hey, thanks guys!


Don't be scared off just because of the low rise. All Frankie B's have higher rises now, I'd definitely recommend trying them. The pair I was talking about is the lowest pair of jeans I own. They have a front rise of roughly 6.25 inches and back rise of around 9.25-9.5 inches. I realize this is too low for a lot of people, in fact, my butt crack shows a wee bit when I'm standing up (needless to say sitting is not an option). But they are soooo cute I can't justify getting rid of them or letting them rot in my closet. Most Frankie B. until recently have a front rise of 6-7 inches and a back rise of 9.5-10.5 inches. Their newest styles have front rises over 7 inches and back rises over 11 inches. Still low rise, but just not as low as when Frankie B. first came out. They fit really well, so give them a chance, you might just fall in love haha.

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^heh, 11 is still nowhere near enough for me...I have a seriously big butt...8 inch front rises are still a little low for me, 9 is great, and even 10-inch rises still look "normal" and sit well below my bellybutton!

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