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The 8n1 wash???

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What do you guys think of it? Yay or nay?




I would really like to this wash on Safado or Darron!


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Looks like a more extreme 8E7. Bit too much fading for me.

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so, FW10's BLUE EYCON's washes are variation on same wash.


same problem on safado-8L9


here is one of the pic on 8N1(viker-r-box)



we should not buy BLUE EYECON on online shop.

 before buying , we should check pair 2 pair by own eyes...

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its bad...

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i've never checked by my eye.


 not released in japan yet.



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Looks alot better here:







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 so , i think that wash like as washed out 8E7 w/t 73J,71J's hall ...



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Yes. I wish they would make in Darron.


Have you ever tried on Krooley Sand?

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 Krooley - 8N1 not yet.

 but other wash i had tried .


 i hate high rise cut and zip.

 baggy cuts than viker.

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the krooley 8N1 is a bit more fitted around the thighs compared to the other krooley's.

nice wash if you dont have a 72L, very similar to it apart from the abrasions like the 71J. which btw are called pannocia treatment.

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Could someone tell me what is the actual waist size in  33/34?

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Waste of money i guess

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I wouldn't say 72L..   more like a mix of 73H and 72C with abrasions.  While it does look horrid, I think my reaction may be based on it's showing in Krooley.  I'd like to see it in a different cut or two

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I got those Krooley 8N1s on the 1 hour sale.  I think they look WAY better in person and are very much worth the $.  The Krooley fit is pretty awesome also, so I'd recommend them.  Here's some pics of mine if you're curious; http://www.authenticforum.com/diesel-jeans/190518-photographic-evidecne-krooley-8n1-greatest-pair-jeans-world.html

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