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Skinny fit on a tall and skinny guy

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Hey guys.

Would you generaly say that skinny fit looks good on tall skinny guys?

I am:

6.33" / 1.93m

176.4lbs / 80kg



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Hi Aooo, plz show me your pics of WDYWD, or WAYWT.


 i'm selleing thanaz W32-L34(my best size is W31-L34, thanaz is tighter then i select W32-L34)




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Not quite the answer he expected I guess...


I can judge from my personal perspective since I am more or less the same size and weight; a bit less tall though...


I would say it depends very much on the type of cut: Skinny jeans look hilarious on me if they are not tapered. Safado, for instance, is definitely not the right cut IMO. Rather try Thanaz or Tazy. However, the best cut is not a Diesel unfortunately. Last season I discovered the Replay Jeto. Very low rise, not extremely tight in the tighs (less than Thanaz) and very narrow leg opening (a bit tighter than Thanaz in this respect).


Hope that was helpful

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ah thx.


safad is not skinny but straight cut.  tighter than Viker u know.


master cut list.



in these days, thanaz is called as tapered in DIESEL reef book.


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Thanks flosama..

i actually thoght that safado would be a go bet. Thoght thanaz would be the worst bet for my size and weight.

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u want sadafo-8IW 31x34 ?

 i can sell u BRNW i worn 2times only never wash.

 plz send me pm if u wana.



see ya

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Don't you wanna read the thread before posting?

I guess he might not buy a Safado without trying if he is not sure about what cut to fit in...

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^ Thanks again flosama :)

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 i stop talking to u(this is my fault)



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I would go thanaz and im selling one ...jk


Go thanaz they are really nice, but make sure if you can to size down 1-2 bc they run big on waist.

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Hey sand no intention of offending you.

All good.

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thx Aooo, just my problem( my knowledge level of English )


anyway thanaz is so nice.

 but i like safado, cos i can't go thanaz so tight for me....


 already u checked my wearing thanaz on WAYWT, thanaz-8IW... lol





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I'm like 5'10 125 and I think i look best with some flare at the bottom


keeps you from lookin like a stick

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Yeah I agree with that. Bootcuts make me look a bit less skinny.

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Part of if has to do w/ upper body/lower body ratio.

If your upper body is either too wide or too long, try to avoid wearing skin tight jeans w/ 3" leg opening. It's gonna make you look like a superhero in tights.

I'm not tall, but I do have wider upper body which sometimes make skinny cuts look horrible.

But if you are overall slim/lanky & narrow framed, then skinny cuts will suit you well.

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I'm about that size but not super skinny and Safado or Slammer looks best on me.  Like slimjim says it's mainly about proportions.  I have a kind of skinny upper body with more muscular legs, so bootcuts tend to look strange(still ok) whereas a slightly tapered cut looks the best.  Thanaz looks weird on me though because it doesn't fit right since I have larger legs.  Darron is not as tapered as Thanaz and it looks decent.  Just go to a store and try all different cuts on.  I would say Safado, Timmen, Slammer, are best and maybe Thanaz or Darron.

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Safado best cut ever made for me. I'm gonna cry if they stop making that cut.

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 sorry, which wash u have on safado?


 8YM and ....


 i these days,

  I hate little bit fuggy around the ball on safado compared w/t same size on viker.

  some creases appear on safado w/o hard wash or stretch.(8YM,8IW)


 then now i sell all safado w/o 8YM,

 and i wana keep 8IW but someone need that , i decide buy that for him.

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I have 8ym and 73j and coming fall I'll have 8l9.  Oh and I just got another pair of vikers in 8d4. I wanted a pair of black jeans and those are the only ones I like. Too bad they didn't come in safado but viker is not so bad. I can pull them off.

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ya, safado-73J is good than 71J , not so baggy around the ball. lol


so i mentioned, do not buy safado-8L9 w/o checking your eye!! so many wash types on 8L9.

if u have money for safado-8L9, i recommend u viker-73N(3D)...


but i know well u like BLUE EYECON ...



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What does viker-73N look like?

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i had posted to DIESEL FW2010 thread

 but still now i had no pics of viker's


here is zatiny-73N , u can guess from here. only change cut from zatiny to viker..




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mmmm nice!

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 i'm waiting for 3D deliver ....


 in japan mid/August.

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